The unholy FIR

There is a special place in hell reserved for miscreants with a mean streak, perverts in politics, degenerates with no moral compass, scum with deviant sexual fantasies, rapists, those that sodomize in ...

Murphy and his Pakistani in-laws

I hate Murphy! That guy has ruined my life. Not you man, the other one He just HAD to come up with the damn law, didn’t he? It’s just one ...

Top 10 most hilarious advertisements

1. Gold’s Gym – “What you leave out of facebook, put it into Gold’s Gym” 2. N- 5 Netherlands – “Driving and social media just don’t mix” 3. Febreze – “Eliminates Odors” 4. Fashion ...


The Big Picture – Walking your pet

Every week we’ll be stalking the web and bringing you funny photos ...

Jay’s Toons – Y U no lyk dis Eminem ki aulad?

Jahanzaib Haque’s ‘toons’ are a hilarious insight into Pakistan and have gained ...

The Desis – Zawahiri is in Pakistan

Every alternate week we’ll be bringing you a taste of the phenomenon ...

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Fashion fiasco!

Fashionista’s never fail to surprise us and nor does the fashion industry as a whole, however having said that hats off to Pakistan’s fashion industry for gaining recognition globally after having hosted a successful “Fashion Week.” Agreed that the controversy will continue, debates about whether the next Veena Malik will be a product of the […]

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The name game

The nation of Pakistan has over the years obtained exceptional standing in a range of different areas, & although we do celebrate many of these accomplishments, one that we have failed to marvel at, is the manner in which we name whatever it is that needs to be named. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ “FAMILY POETRAIT” When it comes […]

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Of people and hamsters

In Dubai, you find a variety of people. The good, the bad and the ugly. But there is an unknown variety…one that I have taken the responsibility to name. The Hamster. They move within us, pretending to be one of us, wearing the human costume, talking the human talk but deep down being complete rodents. […]

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The Big Picture – Office parties

Every week we’ll be stalking the web and bringing you funny photos and artwork by Pakistani photographers and artists. You can mail us any submissions you have at ____________________________________________________________________________________________  The creator of this photo, Madiha “King Julien” Tallat, lives in a secret compound in Abbotabad with her three wives and numerous children.  Her hobbies include […]

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