5 reasons to love Miss Meera Jee

The self-proclaimed queen of our illustrious film industry, Lollywood. You gotta love her. You can’t help loving her. She’s a legend in her own right, right up there with the likes of Angelina Jolie. I’m talking about the one and only, Miss Meera Jee.  Here, then, are 5 reasons why you have to love her.


# 5 – Age

Madam first pranced onto the silver screen sometime in the early 1990s. She first appeared in a commercial in 1994 and then in a movie which went by the highly original name of “Chief Saab” in 1996. I remember going to the cinema house in Multan to watch “Chief Saab”.  Meera was at least in her late teens at that time, if not early twenties. Fifteen years and several hundreds of films later, in 2011, Meera remains an astonishing 25 years of age. Amazing. Every year, I celebrate a birthday and I add a dreaded year to my age. Now in my 30s, Meera still sits pretty at 25. Charming.  In another 5 years, I expect her to be turning 18.

Only a matter of time…


# 4 – Putting foot in mouth

Notorious for doing exactly that, Meera never fails to amuse. At a LUX Style Awards, someone complimented Meera on her beauty. Preening and primping, she replied “Thenks.” Another reporter asked her which designer’s clothes she was wearing. A confused Meera looked around frantically and called out to someone in her typically cultured manner “Oye, who’s the designer?” “Umar Sayeed,” someone replied out from the side. Confidence back, Miss Meera bestowed a dazzling smile to the camera and said “I love Umar Sayeed. He’s my favourite. Thash why I em wearing his ‘out-foot’ today. Thenks.” And off she went. Never mind that the “out-foot” was actually designed by Aisha Varsay!

Though you gotta admit she is pretty smokin’!

Another time, we find Miss Meera, happy as ever, with the New York skyline behind her. “How are you Meera?” asked the interviewer. “I am fine. I am very happy,” came the response. Oookay. Good to know that! “So Meera, we hear you have acquired the Green Card in Canada…” Ummmm oookay again. Smart interviewer. Especially since Canada doesn’t HAVE Green Cards. Was he trying to bamboozle Meera? She was not fooled. She replied pertly, “No. The Canadian Government has GIFTED me the Canadian card because I work for peace and they have nominated me as an ambassador of peace for their country.” Huh….? Why would the Canadian government nominate Meera of all people? Not the smartest of moves, Mr. Prime Minister Harper.


# 3 – The marriage controversy

Don’t you just love how this lady is always in the news??  This time it was for her supposed marriage in 2007 to Atiq-ur-Rehman, a bumbling, fumbling, not-very-businessman-looking businessman from Dubai.  Or is it Faisalabad? No one knows. Pictures of Meera and Atiq in romantic poses in Thailand and their nikah namah were flashed all over local television and a maulvi appeared out of nowhere claiming the legality of the marriage.

Irrefutable proof m’lord!

Meera denied everything. In an indignant interview, we saw Miss Meera, sunglasses perched on nose, sitting pretty and telling the interviewer about all these “jaali dakoo-ments.” She went on to claim that Mr. Rehman was after her money and God forbid if anything should happen to her “…Atiq-ur-Rehman is THE responsible and he has also threat me.” Excellent. Good for him, I say. I would threat her too, if I found myself married off to Meera. Methinks she was more pissed off about the nikah namah being flashed around for the entire country to see with her age written as……30!!! Hang on, how can she be 30 in 2007 and 25 in 2011?? Anyway.  In another interview, we saw a tear-stricken Meera telling the media about the murder attempt on her life by Atiq ur Rehman. She also spoke about how she wanted to appeal to the Govt of Pakistan as a Pakistan… that’s it, not as a Pakistani citizen mind you, but as a… Pakistan. Hmmmm.


# 2 – The Tapu Javeri incident

Oh God! Who can forget this??? Miss Meera was clad in a skimpy black dress and red shawl sitting across the table from a very debonair looking Tapu Javeri trying her darndest to interview him. A hilarious moment came about as she tries to pronounce “Photo-graper. No wait, Pha-to-grapher. Fart-o-grapher?”

Fartography? Why yes it’s quite a talent, Gaseous Clay was one great exponent of it.

Tapu looked amusedly at his phone, around him, at Meera. “We will be the back after right short break,” continued the astonishing Meera and then quickly corrected herself “Na na na, that wasn’t right”. She then promptly asked where the twi-lit is. In the end, a defeated looking Tapu broke out into laughter when Meera Jee pronounced oh-so-confidently “I hate to cut you off but we have to go for a bathroom break.” Who wouldn’t laugh? This video was played over and over again on You-Tube and even now it never fails to amuse. You can watch the interview here.


# 1 – Kaun Banega Meera Patti

Come on! Who hasn’t heard of this show! You all love it and watch it, don’t deny it! A coy Meera opened the show telling everyone about how nervous she is and how she’s desperately looking for a ‘shareek-e-hayaat’. From the days when Meera boldly gave out her email address to would-be suitors (missmeerajee@hotmail.com if you’re interested) it all came down to this show! With a name such as this, who wouldn’t see it? We now watch with dropped jaws as 13 “shah-dils” take to the stage and profess their love for Meera over the course of the episodes, very much in The Bachelorette vein.

Their tasks include cooking, arranging picnics, cleaning houses and gardens, rock-climbing. Exactly the type of qualities one looks for in a prospective groom. One by one, the lovers are “ela-minated” as Meera Jee so eloquently puts it. The lucky ones staying on, get a rose. The unlucky one gets, you guessed it: ELAMINATED. As the show progresses, we see Meera getting cheekier and cheekier and more and more confident with every flip of her hair. Only time will tell who the lucky groom will be. Till then, we the viewers sit and watch with bated breath.

Till the next episode of Tarang, Kaun Banega Meera Patti, I, for one, cannot wait to see who is “ela-minated” next! All hail Meera, without whom life would be very dull indeed!



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Author:Alliya Iftikhar

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