Khanay Ka Time – With KarachiTips!!

One of the most confusing questions ever faced by Karachiites is: Sabri Nehari; What meal of the day was it originally meant to be a part of? No, seriously? You can walk down Tariq Road tonight and ask everyone and nobody would know. Ask the owners of other popular nehari places (Javed? Meh) and they will claim that they sell throughout the day and night.

Ask me and I’d be like Breakfast, lunch AND dinner – Nehari was meant to be enjoyed at all times. But that’s just me.

So is it really just the Nehari or meal timings are really a mess for Karachiites? Here’s a lowdown:

For Karachiwalas, food is special. It’s more than just eating and enjoying: it’s socializing. Over-time, we’ve grown into these boring corporate Nine-To-Fivers and industry robots that we don’t do anything but work, that too seldom wholeheartedly. Our lovely KESC is trying desperately to turn the ‘City of Lights’ into ‘City Off Lights’ and there simply aren’t any activities to do when you go out except for tarofying chicks/dudes at the oh-so-popular malls and eating. Eating, Eating, EATING!

Since eating is all we’ve got, this is the only thing that we do. And boy, do we eat all the time or what!

As a result of our busy lifestyles, we’ve made eating into a sociable event. We plan dinners, go out with family and friends, have lunch meetings and breakfast tafreeh. We order in pizza while friends are over for night stays; we have tea at literally any time of the day and Samosay aren’t just for Shaam-ki-Chaye anymore. Goray in the West may catch after-work drinks at a local bar, but nothing beats down Karachiites when they go to cafes and hotels after work to catch coffee, desserts and chaye! All of this is evident of how we are all suffering from ‘Doesn’t Matter What Time Is It’ Syndrome and we, Karachiites, we OWN it.

You know you’re a true KarachiWala when you’ve had chicken rolls at 2am. It’s never too late at night for sugary treats such as Icecream at Kaybees or Gola Ganda at Dhorajee. Our awesomely unhealthy lifestyle has given birth to places like Boat Basin, where you can go practically 24×7 and find it crowded –that is when the city’s halaat-o-waqiaat permit it.

Some people might turn around and say all of this may be true for burger-awaam on this side of the bridge and not for the masses on that side, but that would be an incredible generalization to make. If we have Tandoori Hut out here that serves till breakfast, we also have Café Pyala that doesn’t close down all night either. Espresso may serve coffee at debatably odd hours but New Quetta Hotels all over city serve Pathan-Ki-Doodh-Patti at all times too!

One of the other main reasons of ‘Doesn’t Matter What Time Is It’ Syndrome that I’ve been able to devise is the love of Muftaa that runs in our blood. We love pushing our friends into buying us food. We love any food that comes our way, good or bad, for free. Any incident in anyone’s life calls for a ‘treat’ at the closest place for icecream or mayo-garlic chicken rolls then and there. You could lose a bet at 4am while playing random party games; you can announce your college admission decision at 11am and you can tell everyone about your new job – almost anything and everything can land you in a situation where you are either buying food for someone or pushing someone to buying you food – all in the essence of enjoying life and deliciousness of Karachi.

Most recent example of timeless love for food? The lines outside Hardees at Heydri.


So, the next time someone starts going off about Lahories and their love for food, you know how to proof Karachi’s superior in this regard too … Not that you needed a reason.


Abdullah Syed is a social media addict and a budding entrepreneur. He’s one of the co-founders at KarachiTips and blogs at



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4 Comments on “Khanay Ka Time – With KarachiTips!!”

  1. Nida Zahid
    November 14, 2011 at 10:43 pm #

    its true…all we do is eat n eat n eat n den eat some more…we being da largets city of da country, contributing da largest percentage of the gdp in da national income…all we do is eat…imagine if we didnt eat so much….we cud’ve given newyork a run for its money….ironic…

  2. November 11, 2011 at 12:11 am #

    Karahi Tips? HAHAHAH.

    • November 11, 2011 at 12:42 am #

      Good catch. 😛 remedied.

    • November 11, 2011 at 1:17 am #

      V Nice…… I OWN ‘Doesn’t Matter What Time Is It’ Syndrome 🙂

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