7 Common Characters in all High School movies

We all love high school movies. From the glamorous world of the cheerleaders to the football games of that sexy hunk who never has a hair out of place even after emerging (obviously victorious) from an intense game, high school chick flicks have got all the elements of success for girls (and for guys when nobody is looking). So, for all you chick flick fans out there (and even those who pretend they’re too cool to watch them but will be found secretly crying while watching The Notebook in the dead of night for the 9th time), here’s a list of the seven common characters that you will find in ALL movies that fall under that genre.


The Ugly Duckling Just A Prom Away From Turning Into A Swan

She’s smart and witty, but for some unknown reason, she’s always been unlucky with boys. You, however are programmed to like her. Immediately. She’s not popular at school. The Cheerleader and her gang never miss an opportunity to make fun of her. She’s lonely and her quest to find her Prince Charming has a snowball’s chance in hell of happening anytime soon.

Where art thou Romeo?

In the very first scene of the film, you see her all-important self absorbed in something highly significant in relation to the plot of the movie, such as brushing her teeth or dancing around in her room. She’s getting ready for school, where she’ll most probably we ignored all day by the rest of our list (except the Best Friend of course). Shortly into the movie, she finds herself embroiled in some sort of conflict. The damsel in distress needs to be rescued but her Prince is nowhere to be seen.


The Over Smart Sibling

The over-achieving, over-intelligent goody-two-shoes younger sister who never gets into trouble. She’s an annoying know-it-all and obviously the parents’ favorite. She seems to have gobbled up the entire dictionary. She has no life and seems to have made it a mission to destroy whatever life our girl has as well.

There’s always a dinner scene, where she “accidently on purpose” bursts our girl’s bubble in front of her parents, telling them something highly embarrassing about her, which results in our girl stomping off from the dinner table. She never fails to embarrass her in front of her friends as well. If you think you have irritating siblings, think again. This one takes annoying to a whole new level.

This is the kind of girl who ends up becoming the CEO of some bigshot company in the future, while our girl’s away on honeymoon with…read on to find out.


The Head Cheerleader

She’s blonde, and she’s hot. But you’re programmed to hate her. Immediately. She has a glittery pink cell phone, and a poodle in her handbag. She’s followed by her posse wherever she goes and for some reason, she hates our Ugly Duckling/Swan To Be. Her entry into the movie occurs when she’s seen passing through the school hallway in slow motion, just slightly ahead of her sidekicks.

Time slows down and the earth stand still.

There’s also the famous cafeteria scene, where she somehow manages to land some food on our girl’s face or clothes, right when Prince Charming happens to pass by. She’s also dating Prince Charming and can not get over her luck at managing to land the hunk. She’s seen
throughout the movie drooling over him. The only thing you love about her (other than her boyfriend) is her wardrobe. She never wears anything other than branded clothes, shoes and bags.

The movie also has at least one cheering scene, where the Cheerleader is seen accomplishing an extremely difficult cheer and landing gracefully on her feet.


The Best Friend

This one is mostly a guy. He’s our girl’s go-to guy who’s always there for her through thick and thin (mostly thick). He’s the guy next door (literally sometimes) and the best friend. He has a massive crush on the Ugly Duckling/Swan To Be and has a hard time stopping himself from drooling all over her throughout the movie (and you have a hard time keeping in your dinner).


Our girl of course, is totally oblivious to his lusty eyes. She’s waiting in line for Prince Charming, and she will not settle for anyone else. The Best Friend in the meanwhile, can not bring himself to confess his feelings to her, until she comes running to him at the end of the prom, only after being terribly ditched by Prince Charming. This is a chance the Best Friend had been waiting for all along. He seizes the moment and uses all his powers of consolation, finally managing to make her realize that she loved him all along.


The Prince Charming

Its your time to drool now. He’s the sexy captain of the football team and our girl’s dream guy (and yours too, of course). You find yourself staring dreamily at him every time he appears in the movie. A football game scene is a must, where the hunk manages to only just win the game by an impossible goal at the end of the match. There’s just one word that describes him: Perfect.

omg! omg! OMG!!

His only flaw is that he’s dating the Cheerleader, who you hate because she hates our girl. But somewhere shortly into the movie, our Ugly Duckling manages to make him notice her. He even ends up asking her out to the prom, much to the outrage of the cheerleader.

Take that bitch!

This is the point where you think everything is perfect. Our girl has snagged Prince Charming, and got back at the cheerleader all in one go. What could possibly go wrong? But before you turn off the movie, hold on. Things can only get worse from here. Which they do when Prince

Charming shows his true colors and she goes running to the Best Friend. And we all know what happens then.


The Dad

He gives the best advice in the world, which always turns out to be true in the end. He’s on great terms with the Best Friend but is about the only one in the movie (or outside for that matter) who hates Prince Charming. He continuously warns our girl to stay away from him: “I just don’t like the boy!” (sound familiar?). She however, doesn’t listen to him (who would?). But drumroll he turns out to be right in the end!

If you’re still wondering what the lesson was, always go to your dad for advice about boys. He’ll give you an unbiased opinion. No, really.


The Fat Girl

There’s always a fat girl. No high school movie is complete without her. She’s the constant butt of the Cheerleader’s jokes. Those ugly glasses and braces are just icing on top of the cake of ugliness that she is. There’s the famous tripping scene, where she’s seen landing on her clumsy feet in one swift motion. As soon as she hits the floor, the Cheerleader and her gang materialize out of nowhere to further enhance her humiliation. The camera goes into slow motion as everyone laughs. Our Ugly Duckling/Not Yet a Swan is then seen jumping to her rescue, telling everyone off for making fun of her. She then takes her home and they become BFFs.

At the end of the movie, a hot guy asks her out to the prom for some reason that the director thought best not to disclose. Sorry fat girls, this is not a How to Snag Hot Guys movie.

So these are the seven most common characters in almost all high school movies. Variations of these characters have been existing ever since that first stroke of genius that gave other geniuses a stroke. And the rest, as they say, is history.



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  1. fuetjgeij
    December 14, 2012 at 2:05 am #

    seen all of them

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    July 23, 2012 at 6:44 pm #

    This was so true and I like your style. 🙂

  3. maryam lali
    April 19, 2012 at 11:28 am #

    really loved it sania!! especially the ‘advice by dad’ part! 😀

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    April 18, 2012 at 1:41 am #

    nice work sania ali…liked it 🙂

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    loved it 🙂
    good job baby =)

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    Hehe Sorry about the double comment up there. Thought k the first one couldn’t get posted 😛

  8. April 16, 2012 at 10:59 pm #

    You know what could be the biggest achievement of an article of this sort? Making the reader go all OH! That happens and OH I’ve seen that. And this article made me do that all the time, not to mention the perpetual wit and tint of humor which culminated into me, the reader’s, incessant giggles. So a job well done. Look forward to more of your writings. 🙂

  9. April 16, 2012 at 10:51 pm #

    Thanks Usama! Glad u liked it.. 😀

  10. April 16, 2012 at 10:46 pm #

    You know what could be the biggest achievement of an article of this sort? People saying OH! and realising that yes I have seen that and OH that happens. And believe me it made me do that all the time, not to mention the perpetually consistent humor culminating into incessant giggles 😉 So yes, job well done and look forward to more writings by you 🙂

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