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Top 10 most hilarious advertisements

1. Gold’s Gym – “What you leave out of facebook, put it into Gold’s Gym” 2. N- 5 Netherlands – “Driving and social media just don’t mix” 3. Febreze – “Eliminates Odors” 4. Fashion Outlet – “New in the Swiss Countryside” 5. Queer Travel – “The Other Side of America” 6. Fraich Frite – “Granny’s Fries Without the Granny” 7. Nike – “Just […]

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7 Common Characters in all High School movies

We all love high school movies. From the glamorous world of the cheerleaders to the football games of that sexy hunk who never has a hair out of place even after emerging (obviously victorious) from an intense game, high school chick flicks have got all the elements of success for girls (and for guys when nobody is looking). […]

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