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Mehr F Husain
Mehr F Husain was Features Editor of The Friday Times. She lives out of a suitcase.
Ali Raza
Is this the kind of person you want protecting the galaxy?
Alliya Iftikhar
Is still working on a by-line. 
Emaan Mahmud
Emaan Mahmud is a visual artist, who finds it hilarious when her loved ones fall flat on their faces. She is (not so) lovingly known as the Gaymagnet amongst them.
Zaineb Khan
I like superhero trivia, Star Wars references, and saying at the end of a conversation about either: ‘Yeah, I haven’t seen that.’ You can read all about it at BurgerBachis.
Mohammad Ali Bandial 
Mohammad Ali Bandial is the best kept secret in the universe, because he has been living under a rock so far and just recently learned how to use the net.His mission is to monitor extra stupid activities on earth. He may not be your last, best and only line of defence, but wherever there’s stupidity at play, he’s there. He  exists only in shadows, because of the loadshedding, and dresses only in black because  he’s color blind. You can read more of my work here.
Sani Lali 
Sania Lali is thinking of moving a resolution in the parliament to make procrastination a recognized career choice. She thinks she’ll do it tomorrow. To find out more, check out
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